Free bridal gown collection and delivery throughout Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland

Free quotation on bridal gown preservation service

How does it work?

Step 1:  Call us or fill out form (right), with your name, full address and phone number.

Step 2:  We will then collect your dress from your home or work, or wherever's suitable for you 

Step 3:  On receiving your bridal gown, a specialist from Masterclean will inspect your dress and telephone you to discuss a specialist cleaning process to suit your bridal gown; and preservation chest to suit your gown (optional) as well as full price before proceeding *

Step 4: Once your bridal gown is fully finished and inspected we will then telephone you to discuss free delivery and payment

* If for any reason you do not wish Masterclean to proceed before the specialist cleaning process begins, we will return your bridal gown free of charge

bridal gown chest
Standard bridal chest

Internet offer only, for chest: 45.00 / €55.00
Terms and Conditions Apply

Bridal Gown Information

: 028 71 312000
RoI: 074 97 22155